WAN Innovations

LAN WAN scheme

With radical development in the way we manage networks, WAN innovations are plentiful. WAN innovations are driven by network virtualization. Because of these innovations, service providers can spin up long distance virtual networks to interconnect remote offices and data centers. Because of this, virtual segments will be able to cross network domains to enable routing across a hybrid cloud.

Beyond WAN optimization, we are seeing innovations in the way enterprises are building WANs. Dedicated Ethernet is one of many examples of how enterprises are using service providers for WAN services.

Cloud WAN

As enterprises look to lower cost and WAN complexity, the use of cloud-SD WAN is gaining steam. Cloud technology is pushing WAN into consumer paradigm. The WAN technology moving into the cloud includes security, application policy control, business class internet and WAN optimization.

Cloud WAN movement makes WAN services easier to manage and consume. Protocols such as MPLS and private line WAN connections are too expensive and enterprises managers don’t want to deal with managing WAN using hardware this is where cloud WAN steps in. The idea is to push as much functionality as possible into the cloud including branch office routers or networking box. Many newer cloud services are offered as network as a service or as a software.

You can say goodbye to eccentric CLI’s with cloud WAN or SD-WAN. Thinking about what cloud application can do for enterprise technology they have made them a lot easier to consume and install the software. In the old enterprise paradigm, the IT manager has to install the server and network to support the application but cloud does it all now.